• About Us  

    We are a privately held design and engineering company in Fort Worth, Texas. We have a lot of experience in the Oil and Gas space and we focus on building products and providing design services to small to medium sized companies.

    We focus mostly on MWD (Measurement While Drilling) products and we have experience building pretty much everything that goes along with these tools. We do the hardware, electronics, firmware and software. We also get involved in the testing and validation of these tools.

    We sometimes are asked to do custom design work or solve specific problems for clients and this usually leads to us manufacturing and supporting some very cool niche products.

    We are small, lean and take pride in our speed and creativity. Our approach to product design is very holistic and we get just as excited about colors and logistics as we do about performance and reliability.

    We are currently working on a new large scale project that is very exciting. Keep your eye on our site and we will post updates as we get further along this road.

  • Servo Pulsers  

    Direct is a drop in replacement uncompensated servo pulser module fully compatible with the QDT-Tensor MWD System. Direct has a Rotary Shear Valve instead of an axially moving servo shaft and has exceptional performance in high LCM environments.

    Being uncompensated, DIRECT has no bellows, bladders or oil fill which results in fast service times.

    Direct has amazingly low power consumption, is very short and is very cost effective, both in purchase price and operating costs.

    Patent Pending.

    Get Detailed Specifications in our
             DIRECT Datasheet

    Slick is a drop in replacement compensated servo pulser module that is fully compatible with the QDT-Tensor MWD System. Slick has a Rotary Shear Valve instead of an axially moving servo shaft. It also has the same exceptional performance in high LCM environments as DIRECT, but has a wider operating envelope.

    Slick has slightly higher power consumption than DIRECT, is a little longer and costs a little bit more, but in deep, hot wells with heavy mud weight and high LCM content, we believe it is the best pulser choice available.

    Patent Pending.

    Get Detailed Specifications in our
              SLICK Datasheet

  • Contact Us With Any Questions  

                          Telephone:                                  +1 817 923 1776
                          E-mail:                         support@rimetools.com

  • Contact Us With Any Questions  

                          100 East Felix St S, Ste 190, Fort Worth, TX 76115
                          Telephone:                                  +1 817 923 1776
                          E-mail:                         webinquiry@rimetools.com

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  • Careers  

    We are a small, tight knit group of highly motivated, multi-disclipinary engineers with extensive oil and gas experience. Our pace is ridiculously fast and we have no time for underperforming people.

    If you're an engineer and have two of the following skills and want to talk to us about working with us, give us a call or send us an email.

    Right now, we are in the middle of a big project and we specifically need a developer with the following skills.

    If you're a lab technician who has experience with downhole electronics and downhole tools, give us a call or send us an email.

    If you fit the bill, boy do we have a fun place for you to work.

    E-mail: resumes@rimetools.com

  • News

    We are keeping pretty quiet right now. Something newsworthy should crop up here soon though.

  • Design Services

    We work in a highly fluid manner and like to solve problems holistically. This means that usually we like to design the whole widget.

    We believe this leads to a better experience for the end user and significantly improves reliability and reduces complexity.

    We believe in build simple products, things with minimal complexity, minimal part counts and streamlined assembly, maintenance and operations.

    We don't like to build products for engineers where everything is a user configurable option. We like to reduce options, features and complexity everywhere.

    We generally don't do contract design, but we have in the past designed custom products and then manufactured them for specific clients.

    If there is something you need and you think we might be a good fit to design it, build it and manufacture it for you, give us a call or drop us an email.

    Phone: 817-923-1776

    E-mail: inquiries@rimetools.com

  • Some Examples  

    One of our clients approached us about designing a high LCM capable retreivable bottom mount pulser to augment their existing fleet of MWD tools. There were some pretty severe restrictions on what could be shoe horned into the existing product and logistical ease of use was critical.

    We couldn't change the underlying operating physics of the pulser because it still had to interface to their existing fleet, so instead we tweaked every dimension to provide greater actuation forces on the pulser valve, while adding additional filtering for the fluid flow to provide lots of additional LCM tolerance. We also opened up a lot of extra fluid flow area inside the pulser to make sure it does not pack off when the rig crew slug the pipe with sacks and sacks of LCM. We changed materials on the high wear compponenents and designed out all the small parts that could wash out and fail downhole.

    This was one of the few times we have done a contract engineering project. We provided the customer with a complete set of documentation and worked with them to manufacture and assemble it. We then set up a flow loop test to validate the design in a benign environment and make sure we had no backwards compatibility issues. Overall, the first contact to delivery of the completed design took about 2 months. Manufacturing and testing took another 3 months and we closed out the project in 7 months.
    Another client of ours approached us in a bit of a fix. They had a lot of work lined up for their MWD tool in a few weeks but they had a problem with their Electronic Flow Switches.

    In long laterals, a "standard" 2 axis flow switch that is used by most companies fails to actuate when the flow rates are low and the BHA is oriented so that the lateral sensing axis of the flow switch is horizontal to the earth's plane. This is a problem as the telemetry from the tool will turn on and off erratically and reliable data transfer just does not occur.

    We have seen this problem before and we have seen some bad fixes to it too. Other people have tried to fix this problem by rotating the 2 axis accelerometer 45° to try to eliminate the problem but all this does is make the unit fail in a different orientation without actually fixing the fundamental problem which is low cross axis vibration input.

    We did a very quick design for a very small 3 axis flow switch board. We chose to mount the third axis on a seperate board that is mechanically cantilevered to the main board because off-the-shelf single chip 3 axis accelerometers just do not have the thermal performance and shock stability that we need. We also added a processor and gave it a lot of configurability. We built a complete software logic system to allow them to independantly select the axes used, select the threshold of each of the axes independantly and trigger a sophisticated digital filtering state machine to reject high gee shock inputs but let low level vibration through.

    Normally, we wouldn't claim that the design and devliery of such a simple product was something to brag about. But the speed at which we finished this project was unprecedented. We blazed through the circuit design and layout, cranked out a big chuck of code,expedited our manufacturing queue to get inventory and boards in house quickly and we worked pretty much through the Christmas holidays to get them a production run ready to use before their work started.

    We did this complete project, from first call to a delivered batch of units ready to run in 4 weeks. We are very proud of that.

    By the way, we now sell these units to anyone who needs one. Go over to our Products page to get detailed technical information.
  • Other Stuff  

    AWARE is an upgraded replacement EFS (electronic flow switch) module for MWD Tools. It has a lot of configurable features and provides true 3-axis, high temperature flow induced vibration detection.
    Get Detailed Specifications in our
    AWARE Datasheet

    Flow Interface Program (FIP)
    The Flow Interface Program software is used to communicate with the AWARE flow switch modules to configure and test the accelerometers and logic of the units.
    This program is not strictly required to operate the AWARE flow switch modules, but it is needed is you want to modify the default state machine settings and create custom behaviour modes.
    Pulser Interface Box
    The Pulser Interface Box provides power and a communication interface to our pulsers. It allows users to configure the pulsers for specific job conditions, allows users to extensively test the pulser and the flow switch and download logged performance data from the pulsers.
    The Pulser Interface Box can also be used in a stand alone mode without a computer to generate discrete or continuous pulses, test the flow switch and measure the current draw of the pulsers.
    Pulser Interface Program (PIP)
    PIP is used in conjunction with the Pulser Test Box and allows users to communicate with the DIRECT or SLICK Servo Pulsers.
    This program is not strictly required to operate the DIRECT or SLICK Servo Pulsers, but it is needed is you want to download logged performance data, perform detailed testing of the pulser, or configure custom behaviours for the flow switch.