Universal Pulser Driver with RTC

Agilis+ is a rugged, flexible and feature rich brushless motor controller optimized for use as a pulser driver for downhole mwd tools. It provides reliable and power efficient control of motors used to drive servo pulsers or other downhole valves. The Agilis+ driver can be configured extensively to adapt and support motors and pulsers from multiple manufacturers and vendors. 

Agilis+ has built in over current protection, travel distance learning algorithms, jam detection and acceleration control. Agilis+ has built in flow detection based on Rime’s Aware flow sensor platform and allows highly configurable and reliable three axis flow state measurement. 

Agilis+ also has an array of other sensors and capabilities resident on the module, including sensors for measuring shock, vibration, temperature, voltage, currents and motor energy consumption. In addition, Agilis+ also has extensive event logging capabilities including the logging of pulsing events and other environmental variables. Agilis+ can also log gamma values from an external sensor into memory for data redundancy. 

Agilis+ is rated to 175° and incorporates our proprietary shock isolation and damage mitigation mounts to ensure survivability and functionality in extremely hostile environments. Agilis+ is compatible with servo pulsers manufactured by XXT, Telemetrix, Benchtree and GE. customized versions are also available as needed and upon request. 

Agilis+ is tightly integrated with Rime’s pulser interface program through Rime’s Pulser Interface Box which allows access to configuration, performance data and memory logging and provides a rich set of features allowing detailed and extensive data analysis and reporting. 

Agilis+ is built upon our proven Agilis offering, except it adds a dedicated real time clock and a keep alive battery to provide time stamps for memory log events. 

Nominal Length10.75” (273.05 mm)
Makeup Length8.95” (227.33 mm)
O.D.1.375” (34.93 mm)
Operating Voltage10-40V (20-35V recommended)
Power Consumption~5mA standby, actual consumption dependent on configuration and load
Operating Temperature32° to 347°F (0° to 175°C)
Shock Rating1000g, 0.5ms, ½ sine, 10 times, all three axes
Vibration Rating5-30HZ@1in double amplitude, 30-500HZ 20grms all axes
Operating Pulse Widths0.050-2.000 s
Flow Switchintegrated three axis, solid state with high configurability
Memory8MB non volatile memory with event and statistical data logging
RTC Battery Lifelesser of 2,000 circulating hours or 2 years
Statistics as of 11.1.2019
Units Deployed885+
Circulating Hours1,200,000+ hours
Pulses Sent1,250,000,000+ pulses
Data Stored in Memory
serial number and manufacturing dataflow switch configurationaxial and lateral vibration
lifetime statisticsthroat clear configurationaxial and lateral shock peak values
job statisticspulse energyaxial and lateral shock event counts
run statisticspulse widthvibration level histogram
part level maintenance trackingvalve open timeshock event histogram
temperaturetemperature histogramgamma
Agilis+ is also available without a built in real time clock and keep alive battery, see Agilis brochure for more details.
Agilis+ is also available in a an ultra rugged 200°C version, see Agilis-HT brochure for more details.

Product Facts

  • compatible with XXT, Telemetrix, Benchtree, GE and others
  • highly configurable
  • extensive memory logging and data analysis
  • built in real time clock and keep alive battery
  • 175°C rated
  • limited qmix support

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