Ultra Rugged Gamma Module

Iris is Rime’s integrated gamma module that provides survivability and operational capability in the most challenging drilling applications. Iris is built using a high quality sodium iodide (NaI) crystal scintillator, a ruggedized high temperature rated photomultiplier tube (pmt) and Rime’s Proteus gamma controller board. 

Iris features several improvements when compared to other gamma modules, including a proprietary full envelope radial, axial and torsional shock isolation system that protects the scintillator and pmt against damage caused by high g impacts and vibration. Iris also incorporates all pass through wires internally in the module to eliminate damage to exposed wiring and increases the mechanical stiffness of the module. 

The use of the Proteus gamma controller board allows Iris to provide several advanced features not available in other gamma modules, including the ability to adjust the performance and gain of the system in four distinct ways and the ability to have digital thermal calibration of the gamma output. 

Iris is form factor compatible with industry standard gamma modules and can be used in many mwd systems seamlessly. the standard output is a negative going 5v ttl signal, however custom output formats can be supported upon request, including serial, i2c, spi and can. 

Iris also has built in environmental monitoring and memory logging capabilities including the ability to store gamma ray counts, shock and vibration data, and multiple system voltages and temperature onto the on board non-volatile memory for post-run analysis. 

Iris is tightly integrated with Rime’s pulser interface program through Rime’s Pulser Interface Box, and together these support tools provide access to testing utilities, configuration and memory logging. 

Nominal Length16.475” (418.47 mm)
Makeup Length15.575” (395.61 mm)
Chassis O.D.1.450” (36.83 mm)
Recommended Housing I.D.1.500” +0.010”/-0.000” (38.10mm +0.254mm/-0.000mm)
Scintillator Dimensions0.75” x 5.00” (19.05mm x 127 mm)
Operating Voltage Range20-30VDC
Power Consumption15mA @ 28v @30°C
Operating Temperature32° to 347°F (0° to 175°C)
Shock Rating1000g, 0.5ms, ½ sine, 10 times, all three axes
Vibration Rating5-30Hz@1in double amplitude, 30-500Hz 20grms all axes
Memory8MB non volatile memory with event and statistical data logging
Uphole Electrical Interface15 pos panel mount pin plug connector, floating (mdm-15ph-003f or equivalent)
Downhole Electrical Interface15 pos panel mount socket receptacle connector, non floating (mdm-15sh-003b or equivalent)
Patent pending—the product or products described in this document and their features may be covered by multiple patents or may currently be in the patent application process.

Iris Facts

  • Integrated gamma module
  • Ultra rugged electrical and mechanical design
  • Full envelope axial, radial and torsional shock isolation
  • Industry standard form factor
  • Highly configurable
  • 175°C temperature rated
  • Extensive memory logging
  • Limited qmix support

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