Dual Telemetry Add-On System

Metatron is Rime’s dual telemetry add-on system and allows the addition of mud pulse capabilities to applied physics em systems. Metatron is built around the Rime Slick-HD servo pulser and a patent pending extensible hydraulic coupling that enables the use of standard off the shelf tensor style muleshoes and lower ends. 

The Metatron system consists of three separate modules. The first module contains the parts required to allow the sharing of sensor data from the applied physics system to Rime’s products. The second is Rime’s proven and rugged Slick-HD servo pulser modified with a custom Metatron chassis that acquires the sensor data, processes the data into mpsk compatible telemetry. The third is Rime’s patent pending hydraulic coupling that allows the applied physics em system to connect hydraulically to a standard tensor style lower end, muleshoe and ubho sub. 

Metatron embeds a tensor compatible mpu into the Slick-HD pulser and allows the user to program mud pulse telemetry sequences into the pulser. The Metatron system transmits data to the surface independently of the em system and can be programmed to transmit redundant data or mud pulse specific data. As all of Metatron’s mud pulse telemetry is mpsk compatible, users can use their existing mud pulse surface systems to reduce system cost. 

With continuous firmware and software improvements and ever expanding operational capability, Metatron provides users with a very cost effective dual telemetry option for their applied physics em systems. 

Metatron Facts and Figures

  • Cost effective dual telemetry add-on
  • Built around proven Slick-HD servo pulser
  • Compatible with applied physics em system
  • Tensor compatible mud pulse telemetry
  • Compatible with multiple surface systems
  • 175°C 20,000 psi rated

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