Pressure Emulator

Sensei is a pressure emulator that converts the actuation of the Slick-HD and Direct-HD rotary servo valve to a pressure signal that can be connected directly to an mwd surface system to allow for complete testing of the tool string in an assembled state and eliminates the need to install additional equipment or partially disassemble the tool. 

Unlike other pressure emulators or simulators, Sensei does not rely on a digital pulse line or flow line signal to generate a pressure waveform. Instead it measures the rotation of the servo shaft on Rime pulsers using a non-contact optical sensor, and together with a flow switch built into the Sensei module, generates a 4-20mA signal independently. 

Sensei is battery powered and requires just a standard transducer cable to connect it to the surface system, and as it measures valve rotation, it is fully compatible with any mwd system that uses a Rime Slick-HD or Direct-HD pulser regardless of the telemetry protocol being used. 

Sensei is integrated tightly with Rime’s pulser interface program which can be used to monitor multiple data streams including the pressure waveform being sent to the surface system, the time taken to actuate the rotary servo valve and the angle of valve rotation. The pulser interface program can also be used to configure the amplitude of the pulses being generated and adjust Sensei’s flow switch settings. 

Dimensions6.50” x 4.75” x 3.12” (165mm x 121mm x 79mm)
Output4-20mA current loop
Battery Life8-10 hours continuous, unlimited when charger plugged in
Operating Temperature32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Flow Switchintegrated three axis, solid state with high configurability

Sensei Facts

  • Simulates 4-20 mA pressure signals upon valve rotation
  • Tests fully assembled tool string
  • Non-contact optical sensor
  • Rugged and field ready
  • Battery powered
  • Software monitoring and configurability

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