Although we know that some customers prefer to perform maintenance at their own facilities with their own people, others prefer to use us as resource to maximize their flexibility and resources by using us. We offer consistent, cost effective and most importantly reliable maintenance services in a timely manner. All maintenance is done through our main office and shop in Benbrook, TX and all maintenance is done by our dedicated team of technicians that work on our products every day.

Most assets that come in for routine maintenance are processed and returned from service in less than 5 days. Some products can be serviced and returned the same day if needed, and we do provide expedited services upon request for a small additional fee.

If products that arrive in maintenance require repair services, they are seamlessly passed to our repair team who will contact you immediately to talk through the repair process.

All our maintenance and repair services are tracked internally through our Pulser Interface Program (PIP) Fleet View Software. And since most of our products have built in deep diagnostics and memory logging capabilities, our maintenance team has access to a vast amount of historical data on not only theĀ asset being currently serviced, but all the assets in our fleet over the entire history of our company to help us identify unusual or excessive wear and tear patterns, potential failures modes and most of all gives us the tools to preemptively intervene to minimize the risk of future failures and maximize our fleet wide mtbf.

If you have any questions about our maintenance services, give us a call or drop us an email.