rime maintains a rental fleet of SLICK-HD pulsers, DIRECT-HD pulsers and SLICKRIDE shock mitigation tools at all times. In addition, we usually have a few units of all of our products available for customers who wish to trial any of our products prior to purchase.

Our rental products are usually pulled new from our production queue when needed (mostly because our rental products rarely seem to come back home) and are more than likely going to have brand new hardware, electronics and the most up to date firmware and software. 

In addition, customers that see spikes in activity can supplement their needs as needed from our rental fleet in the short term and avoid the cost of having to purchase assets prematurely.

We rent our products on a monthly basis at a reasonable rate. However, we also offer a discounted rental program for those would like a longer rental period that leads into an eventual purchase. For more information on the products we offer for rental, dig through this website for our technical brochures, or call us. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to Marty Chambers or Hector Reina for more information.