MWD tools are complicated. And drilling for oil and gas is not a gentle process. As best as we try to engineer and manufacture the most reliable products possible, there will come a time when products will fail. 

In these situations, we strive to fulfill two goals. Firstly, to respond with answers and secondly return the product back to service as soon and as cost effectively as possible.

Our repair process is built around the knowledge we have acquired, and continue to acquire everyday with our fleet of deployed products. we aim to work effectively to identity the failure mode, and dig deep to analyze not just the failed product, but the operating environment and it life cycle history.

Rest assured that if you have a product fail, we will work with you to identify, repair and return as fast as we can, but to also use that knowledge to provide guidance to your team to minimize the chances of a repeat failure, and use that knowledge to continually improve our products. If you have an asset in need of repair, or if you have any questions, call us at any time.